Funeraria cristiana que despidió a un empleado travestido al que se le ordenó pagar 250k

A Christian Funeral home who fired a male employee for dressing like a woman was ordered to pay 130k to his estate and 120k to ACLU lawyers who took the case. The forced payment of funds comes as the result was a landmark ruling in June where the Supreme Court ruled that federal nondiscrimination law on the basis of “sex” includes “transgenders” a decision which dissenting justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas called a “brazen abuse of authority.”

The gist of the case is simple. RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes Inc. hired Anthony Stephens and then fired him in 2014 when he informed his boss that he was transitioning to a woman and would be wearing dresses and skirts from now on, and wished to be called “Aimee.” The funeral home said that this revelation and accompanying accommodation violated the company dress code and the owners sincerely held religious beliefs. The case bounced around different courts with different rulings, and the supreme court ultimately sealed the deal.

Though Anthony Stephens passed away in 2016, the money will go to the beneficiaries of his estate, who wanted to proceed with the suit despite his death.

Naturally, Chase Strangio, deputy director for the ACLU LGBT & HIV Project, released a statement urging action from the incoming Democratic president:

“The Biden administration must make it clear that across all areas of federal law sex discrimination protections apply to LGBTQ people and Congress must pass the Equality Act to close critical gaps in our civil rights laws that leave so many LGBTQ people, women, and many people of color vulnerable to discrimination.”

This is likely only a small step on the way to continued national disgrace and sin, with Churches the next who will be forced to abide by these laws, where “religious liberty” will be found to be wholly unpersuasive to curb the appetites of aggressive progressive fascists.

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